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    Jamie W.

Excellent service all around. James took the time to walk with me to work and try to help start my car so I didn't have to have towed. I would have never thought someone would take time out of an obviously busy day to do that. My car was also fixed way earlier than I could pick it up. Needless to say they have a loyal customer for life. I would not hesitate to recommend to my best friend or any family member. Thanks for making so painless.

Since 1980, vehicle owners have trusted Woodstock Shell Auto Repair with their auto repair needs. We are a locally owned and operated auto repair facility in SE Portland, Oregon. Woodstock Shell Auto Repair's technicians take pride in delivering the highest quality services, from complex vehicle repairs on all makes and models, to simple automotive services like an oil change or tire rotation. 

Meet the Owner:
              Hello my name is Tyler Jakes, I am the owner/operator at Woodstock Shell Auto Repair. Please come in sometime and say hello.
Woodstock's Exclusive Auto Repair and Tire Shop

Sptephanie G.

The service here was absolutely excellent. They did everything that needed doing, let me know what was necessary and what was only recommended, and, noticing another small problem, fixed it up without any extra cost. They also did the initial look-over for free, let me know how it was that the problems had arisen, and were overall clear and efficient. I dealt with Tyler the whole time, and it was a pleasure. If anything else goes wrong (which I'm sure it won't any time soon- my car is running beautifully), I will absolutely be returning here. For any folks living around Woodstock who don't know where to go- the Shell station up the street would be an excellent choice.
Woodstock Shell Auto Repair is committed to:
- Providing exceptional service to our clients

Extending the life of your vehicle to many years after it’s paid off

Keeping our world green by recycling all used motor oil, transmission fluids and antifreeze             

Offering smart solutions that save our customers money
           Anna S. 

These guys helped me out big time this morning when I stopped in to fill my bike tires with air. As it turns out, my bike has fancy valves that need some kind of insert, so I was struggling with the pay air meter. I'm sure I looked like a wretchedly clueless idiot - in my defense, it's a new bike and I've never owned such a fancy pants machine before.

But the struggle was only brief, because the new owner of Shell Service, Tyler (? pretty sure that was his name) and his staff noticed quickly, and not only took the time to take a look, pull my bike into the garage and fill my tires, but also patiently show me what insert I needed and how to do it all. I also knocked my chain off in the process and Tyler helped me get it back on, then offered to let me wash my hands in their mechanic sink (I got to use their awesome grease-removing soap too!). Just a super nice guy.

I also got a look through the shop, which was neat, organized, and had a couple of mechanics busily working away on vehicles that included a pretty sweet classic car. Overall I got a good feeling from the place, and will probably go to them if Hubs' car needs anything.

Basically, Tyler rescued my morning, and went above and beyond. Caring business owners like him are why I love living in Portland, particularly in the Woodstock neighborhood.

Oh, and Tyler said they're lowering their gas prices too!
Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm

* Weekend by appointment Only
4228 S.E. Woodstock Blvd. • Portland, Oregon 97206

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